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About me

I'm a DP, producer, and stills photographer. When I'm not shooting, I love to ride flatland bmx. It's been a passion for much of my life. I also like attempting to cook exotic dishes at home, even though they're usually disasters.


I enjoy making imagery that's dynamic, but still believable. Kind of like "superhero mode", where everyone becomes the hero of a grand story.

I didn't always film and shoot as a career. My first "career" was actually as a zookeeper, and animal rehabilitator and educator. If you see me dropping everything to pet a dog on set, it's because I truly love and admire animals and the natural world, to my core.

After zookeeping, I learned carpentry and became a self employed carpenter. That taught me a strong work ethic, pride in workmanship, accountability, and skill in adapting and finding creative solutions to problems, on a daily basis. Looking to explore the art and craft of making even further, I became a machinist. That satisfied the nerd in me, with all the technology and precision that was called for there, but it was not a very enjoyable career. After that, I was a book seller, while I figured out what was next. That environment was wonderful, and stimulated so much thought. It ultimately helped me realize that I could write my own story, based on my what I was most passionate about.

Moving into video and photography with everything I'd learned in previous fields was a joyful and immensely satisfying fit. Several years later, I still can't imagine anything that I'd rather do. I truly love everything I get to do.

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