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Ben - Male Model Urban Lifestyle Shoot

Ben and I talked about this shoot for about a week, and obviously I was excited about the idea of doing a very casual "lifestyle" type shoot with him. The location was The Domain, which is an upscale outdoor shopping center; lots of nice urban visuals, but without all the hassle of going downtown. It made sense.

Photographing a guy as handsome as Ben was a bit like working with a rock star. As you can see, some brand new fans interjected between shots for a picture with him :)

Although I had envisioned this shoot making good use of a single strobe and beauty dish for additional lighting, we had to change plans and use all natural lighting, thanks to a very friendly security guard...which is a funny story for another time.

In the end, we got some great images, and had a lot of fun! Ben was terrific to work with, and I wish him all the best in his endeavors!

If you're interested in booking a shoot of your own, please contact me through the Contact page on the site, or email to:

Please stay tuned - there's more posts coming soon!

#lifestyle #portrait #male #model

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