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wedding films

With sooo many options out there, it's hard to know who to chose to film your wedding. I totally get that. Here's what I do that that's special:

Whenever possible, I shoot with long lenses so that you don't feel like I'm "hovering" and there is enough space between us that you can forget I'm there. This allows me to capture very genuine moments that just wouldn't happen if I was 2 feet away with a camera in your face :)

I shoot in very high resolution (4K) that somewhat "future proofs" your media. Ever see old videos on Youtube that look square? 

Now you get it. It may not mean as much today as it does down the road, and I acknowledge that.

Many claim to be storytellers, but I put special emphasis on that aspect with regards to audio and editing so that even someone who's never met you not only understands the nuances of your love story, but also feels the emotion.

I am highly tuned in to lighting conditions throughout the day and night. I come to weddings with a full light kit and use as needed, and also use available light in the most flattering ways.

I use all the cool gear to get those specialty shots you love :)

I work extensively in events and commercial film, and have a well rounded knowledge of my vocation.

Best of all, I'm low key, professional, unobtrusive, and easygoing - so I promise you can just relax knowing everything is going to be amazing!

I don't offer the lowest prices in town.

My clients hire me for the quality I provide, the security of knowing it will be done well, and the style of editing I use to tell the story in a literal and cinematic way. When you book me, it will be me filming on your wedding day, not a contracted third party videographer.

Wedding Films

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