love will tear us apart

But it's also what brings us together. 

It's the energy we feel that allows us to go further; it's the reason we do what we do. Emotional impact in work is very important to me. When media makes people FEEL, bonds form, and relationships develop. This idea is a key element and focus in my work. 

for your business

I make origin stories, about you, marketing, brand awareness, product, instructional, testimonials, and more

For your event

Top notch event coverage. Epic highlight videos. Photos full of life and joy.

For your brand

Weather your brand is you, or a multi-national company, I can help create media that captures the essence.

For you

Not every project fits neatly into a box. Please reach out for more info on things not listed here!

here's a slideshow of different kinds of photography that I do 

my 2020 showreel -click to see more



 Jim is a creative based in Austin, TX. He makes purpose-driven photo and video content for businesses, brands, and individuals; with a focus on emotional impact and use of media to both solve problems businesses face, and increase audience and engagements. His photography has been used extensively in advertising and marketing, in print, in web design, and on the covers of multiple magazines and album covers.

He enjoys offbeat comedy, sci-fi films, and is an avid BMX rider.